I’m SO happily not cool. (Unless being totally uncool becomes cool. In a cool kind of way.)

So I'm going to apologise from the outset. I've just finished a hugely long day at work, tonight I have one of my most amazing friends coming over for dinner, a movie, and some quality-chill-out-time, and then tomorrow me and some more friends are taking off on a quick weekend retreat after church… So there is no blog-writing time in my life until Tuesday at the earliest.

I know, I know. I'm both a disgrace and a disaster… 😉

HOWEVER, yesterday inspired me to instead share a reblog of one of my favourite-ever-written-by-me-blog-posts. (I'm only half kidding…)

Because yesterday… I wore my Starwars dress. And it pretty much inspired the best kind of overly-enthusiastic-reactions by everyone I met. And I was reminded that my geeky-fashion-that-displays-my-geeky-heart really does have some *fans* out there. I have to remind you that I now own a Starwars dress, a Batman tshirt, a Mr Spock tshirt, a exceedingly-cool-Mario-tshirt, 4 dinosaur tshirts…. And I'll stop there before you all actually disown me.

So yeah. Please re-enjoy some lessons I have learned from being a nerd.

(On a side note, I really-really-REALLY want to write another one of these dedicated to what we can learn from Marvel action movies… But that will have to wait until the post-dissertation-freedom…)

Love you guys!!

So despite my occasional attempts to become that-lofty-aspiration-of-coolness (because, you know… I’m a youth worker. I listen to Lecrae. I know what YOLO means. I’m cool aren’t I? ;))… When I’m brutally honest with myself… I’m just not cool.

Unless being totally uncool becomes cool. In a cool kind of way.

You know, I’m actually ok with this. I like myself the way God made me. I’m happy in my skin. And I mean, let’s look at the facts.

I wear clashing clothes. I read a lot of books. I like writing essays. I even get a weird satisfaction out of proof-reading someone else’s essays. My version of a wild night out involves me being in my pyjamas and drinking tea by 10pm. Lord of the Rings rocks my world. I secretly sometimes wish I lived in Narnia. I have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pyjamas. And a Marvin the Martian onesie. Even though I’m 29. I love Star Wars. And original Star Trek. Forever.

Oh man, it’s so much worse when write I it out in black and white.

So, yeah… These things take me way past cool. They actually take me way past being a geek. And if I’m not careful, they take me along the road-of-no-return into serious nerd territory. Really, I think God just gave me musical and artistic talents to bring balance back to my universe and stop me plummeting off the nerd-inspired-diving-board into a giant pool of geekish-goo.

I realised this reality in a whole new way last night when I was buying a few presents online. Because, like often happens when you start buying gifts for other people… You see something that you would like for yourself. And last night, I found an incredible t-shirt, that was an absolute bargain, that should arrive in the next two weeks… There are really no words, but check this out:

Seriously. YOLO moment. Is that not the best thing ever?! Really? It’s Mr Spock.. And, and, and….

Ok… Maybe, it’s just me.

But, because for today, there is absolutely no way that I can buy a t-shirt like that and still have any credible claim to ‘coolness’, this blog is simply going to give you five humorous-come-serious ways that you can completely embrace your inner-geek and yet still use these things to relate back to God.

Yep. This really is happening. We almost made it the whole year… But I can’t hold it in anymore 😉 If you can’t cope with cheese-tastic-nerd-references, you better bail right now.

I promise I won’t be offended.

1. Living life in order to boldly go where no one has gone before really is the best way. It really is. Life with Jesus, should be an adventure of going-through-the-wardrobe-and-finding-Narnia proportions. Because when we live life with Jesus, our eyes are opened to the newness in the everyday, the miracles in the mundane, and the hope in the darkness. We see differently. We have faith for the risk. We know that the crazy and at times scary journey is where we grow. And we can, with all sincerity, mirror the Apostle Paul in his desire to see the Gospel preached and the power of God outpoured in all nations. We weren’t made just to stay unquestioningly in the shire. We just weren’t.

2. We also weren’t made to journey alone. Captain Kirk, would quite frankly, have been completely rubbish without Spock and Bones. And failed countless missions. Fact. Bilbo would have never gone on his first adventure without Gandalf (and then where would we be?!). Fact. Frodo would have bailed way before the end of the ring-destroying-journey without Sam-Wise-Gamgee. Fact. Lucy might never have gone back to Naria if she hadn’t met Mr Tumnus. God puts us in community. He calls us to be His church. To love each other. To forgive each other. To take care of each other. To be gracious towards each other even when we are displaying, infuriating-vulcan-like-behaviour… Truth!

3. Following Jesus is a total-complete-life commitment. And all the nerdish wisdom in the nerdish-fantasy-cosmos backs this up. Before you start out on a journey, you weigh up the cost, the sacrifice and the price, and you make your choice. I mean, Yoda said, ‘Do or do not… There is no try’, and he was darn right. Following Jesus doesn’t mean we’re in it for the easy journey or the widest, smoothest road. We’re in it to fix our eyes on eternity, desire the honour of Jesus, walk the narrow path, and overcome the darkness with Him. To follow wherever He leads. Even if it’s metaphorically into Mordor. He’s with us.

4. Remember that God uses the unlikely, the imperfect and the insignificant. And that includes me. And you. He’s looking at our internal stature and our hearts. Every single person has a purpose and a place in the Kingdom of God that needs to be respected, encouraged and guarded. Don’t overlook people because they’re smaller, or different, or because you don’t get them. And know that God doesn’t overlook you if you feel like those things. He doesn’t. Like Reepicheep the mouse. Or those seemingly cute ewoks (I mean, the enemy may have lazer cannons, but ewoks with stones are UN-defeatable!). Or hobbits. Or Yoda, for goodness sake! I mean seriously… ‘Wow’! I knew there was a reason I loved being short!!

5. Finally, finally, finally… Always listen to the Lion. Ok, this one only really applies to Narnia, but as C.S. Lewis was the king of spiritual parallels about the King, he can have the concluding point. God’s got this. He gives us wisdom in the Word that should never be ignored. We are taught to protect ourselves with His armour. To follow. To guard what’s given to us. I mean there are some obvious ones within this. Be careful what you wear and cover yourself in the clothing He gives you. Don’t go on a mission wearing a read t-shirt. Red is always a target. Be careful what you eat and nourish yourself with. Turkish delight can have frightfully bad consequences. Be careful what information you trust and test it in Truth. The delapidated battle station is nearly always operational. We are saved by grace, and that same gift of grace enables us to walk in greater and greater obedience as we pursue Jesus. And as Aslan says, ‘Courage, dear heart!’ He’s got this. He’s got us.

Ok, I think even I’m geeked out for one day. Thanks for humouring me! 🙂







One thought on “I’m SO happily not cool. (Unless being totally uncool becomes cool. In a cool kind of way.)

  1. You seriously are the best kind of cool and that is one of the many reasons I love you (that and I share in all your glorious nerdiness, so I’m thrilled to think that there may be more of us out there!). PLEASE write the Marvel post, that would make me so happy. Ooh, and pics of your Star Wars dress, I am intrigued and a little jealous.

    Seriously though, I love you, keep embracing the awesome that God created you to be xxx

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