I want to actually love God.

I want to be a woman who lives totally abandoned to the first commandment: to love my Lord, my God, with all my heart. I don’t want the reputation that I love God, I don’t want to write songs about loving God, I don’t want to talk about loving God. I want to actually love God. When I close my eyes, I want my heart to move. When I close my eyes and I look at Him, I want to feel alive on the inside. I want to look at Him with a fire in my heart and it’s real. (Misty Edwards)

Yesterday I climbed a tree that was blazing with the colours of autumn.

Yep. I climbed it. Like a monkey.

And I lay in piles of fire-glazed-fall-leaves gazing up at the deep, pure, blue sky.

Yep. I delighted in the beautifully-coloured simplicity of this season. Just for an hour or two.

And then I laughed and danced under the stunning autumn sun and scattered leaves and worry away with the joyful sounds of friendship.

And I guess in amidst the silly fun of autumn-adventures, what I really remembered is that our God is always blazing glory.

Right now, the trees are displaying-the-glory-of-their-Creator-colours, but soon they’ll shed those leaves for the year and take on an altogether more barren and distinct kind of beauty.

Yet our God? He is always blazing.

Eternally blazing.


I want to actually love God.

The reality of love.

The definition of love.

The outworking of love.

With a blazing fire in my heart that mirrors His because Holy Spirit in me is living and moving and reflecting in me.

Created in the image of Love Himself.

The outworking of this is a Big Deal.

Because the thing is, when we even start to get our heads around just a tiny little bit of the majestic, mighty, love of God, it changes everything.

How can it not?

We love Him because He first loved us.

We burn for Him because He first burned for us. Because He forever burns for us.

And if I’m honest with myself and honest with you, sometimes my heart is dull and my mind is distracted and my strength is weak.

But I long to burn.

To know that learning how to love Him with all my heart, soul, mind and strength is my life’s meaning and purpose.

To know that everything else fades away from season to season like the autumn leaves but that only love remains because only Love remains.

And I believe that when the love of God comes and sets our hearts ablaze we can forever burn.

So I am so blessed by autumn. And so blessed my what He is speaking in this new season.

Our God is so good 🙂


















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