Today I had a trampolining lesson off a power ranger…

Okay. So I know that’s a pretty bold claim to start a blog post with… But let’s just say today has been a pretty awesome day. And I don’t use the word awesome lightly.

In short… A few key things happened.

1. We (the students and young adults of my church) performed a rather-comical-Christmas-drama to launch our advent season. We actually performed it in both our morning services, which means I sang two solos in Japanese and didn’t completely destroy the words. It looked a little bit like this…

And I think God was joyfully pleased in our joyful exuberance.
2. I ate lunch with my friends and bought ice cream designed like a penguin. Good fellowship. Good food. Good times. Looked like this…
I know… You want a penguin close-up…
3. So then the students and young adults of my church had a cook-off. As in, split into two teams of 13ish people, get given a set amount of money and 2 hours, have to do a supermarket sweep type exercise on a budget, then rush back to the church and cook up a three course storm ready to be judged by a deciding couple. It was competitive. It was delicious. It was hilarious. And as my team won I can reflect altogether positively on the proceedings… 😉 There will be photos coming, but as I spent two hours with my hands coated in garlic this is the only one I can muster…
4. Then things got really cool. Well, maybe they only get really cool if you’re English, aged between 23 and 32, and grew up in a generation wishing you were a power ranger… But that includes me and that makes this really cool…
One of the guys who came to our cook-off was a real-life-stunt-man for the real-life-power-rangers. No kidding. How freaking cool is that?!?!? So post eating a gigantic three course meal, we did what all normal rational human beings would do and went to a local skate/trampoline centre to get some stunt lessons…. Because, you know, YOLO and all that jazz.
It was hilarious. I haven’t laughed so hard in quite a long time. I hurt in all the wrong places. But I am tired in all the right ways.
Okay. So I got up at 6am and it’s now 11pm and I’m just through the door, so my reflections in this epicness are not so long and not so profound.
They are simply this one thing.
I am continually enriched by doing life with these guys.
These people, these beautiful friends, make me better.
They make me a better person. They make me a better friend. They make my life better for being in it.
And I am so incredibly thankful.
Last Sunday we had a three hour prayer meeting, this week we had a three hour cook-off, but whether it’s in the serious, the mundane or the comical, always I am challenged, loved, known, and accepted. Even when my language fails, even when my understanding fails, even when I feel like an idiot who will never get Japanese fully… They still make the effort to get me fully.
And I am so incredibly thankful.
You know, when you’re bouncing on a trampoline (like you do), you go higher when there’s someone heavier bouncing on it next to you.
I realised that tonight as my substantially heavier guy friends propelled me into the air.
And as I was being propelled through the air, (next to a real life power ranger, remember…) I was just struck with how that’s a great way to think of God using our relationships.
Comparison kills us. If we start wishing we were someone else’s size with someone else’s gifts then it literally kills our relationships and our friendships before they even start. Envy rots them away. But if we can genuinely rejoice in the greatness and giftedness and bigness of others and celebrate all that God has put in and is doing in them, then that’s when we bounce the highest. Thats when we stand next to them and we jump together. That’s when we soar.
That’s when we all, every single one of us, soar.
I’m so thankful to Jesus.
And I’m so thankful to my friends.
And with that, I’m signing out.
It’s morphin’ time! (Couldn’t resist!)





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