I have no time to write a blog! So here’s some Frosty the Snowman instead…

I’m sooooo sorry… This week… I have no time to write a proper blog post!!

I’m 40,000 words down (ish) on my dissertation and research notes, but have another 10,000 to go that I’m aiming to get finished before Christmas… And the weekend was… A tad busy.

I was playing some live music at my school’s Christmas party on Saturday… And then had an unconventional ‘family’ gathering with my Japanese Okaasan, and some of my favourite people. Yesterday afternoon was productive, but I didn’t quite yet the words written that I wanted to so I’m playing catch up.

(To reassure you… I feel like I’m winning!! Please keep praying for me as I write this next two weeks, but I’m so thankful for Holy Spirit’s inspiration in this whole process).

And so instead of writing something profound (because I have to go to work!)… I’ve attached a little recording of Frosty the Snowman from Saturday for you to enjoy 🙂

Just so you know that I haven’t forgotten about you and you’re still loved!

I mean, nothing says ‘I love you’ like Frosty the Snowman, right?

It feels Christmassy here in Sapporo! The snow is falling, and the temperature is dropping, and I have so many reflections about God’s goodness in that whole deal that it will have to wait and keep bubbling over until I next write (hopefully by the weekend I will be back on normal schedule!)

I’m visiting the UK soon people, and I’m so flipping excited to see so many of you, share some cups of tea and some catch ups about the goodness and faithfulness of God in every season.

This is a truly BEAUTIFUL Christmas season.

And I am heart-brimmingly thankful that Jesus chose to put on flesh to come and dwell among us. His sacrifice stuns me, that for the sake of love He would leave His Father’s throne… And put on flesh… Forever.

Okay. And with that, I’m signing out.

Sing along please…. 🙂


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