Okay. I’m still writing. It’s still a productive week in the ol’ killing-this-dissertation-thing I’ve got going on. Please keep praying for me.

But I wanted to pause to share the lyrics of this stunning song with you.

It’s called ‘Maranatha’ and it’s by a guy called Hunter Thompson.

As we’re approaching the middle of this Christmas season, I really love the reflections of this word ‘Maranatha’.

Come Lord Jesus.

It reminds me that Jesus is coming back. It reminds me that I’m not okay without Him and that the best place to keep my heart is continually not-okay-without-Him.

It reminds me of the reality of the incarnation.

Jesus took on flesh, forever.


A old friend of mine used to constantly remind me of this truth when we would talk about Jesus.

He laid aside His Divine majesty and clothed Himself in the garments of the humblest.

The weakest.

The powerless.

He demonstrated His love through this eternal sacrifice.

Not just in His death, but through His life, through every breath He breathed in human flesh, He demonstrated this majestic love and magnificent grace.

And when He had showed us His love through this life of love, lived walking with the lowest and the least, He rearranged the entire cosmos in an act that only the One who was both fully God and yet fully man could ever undertake.

Through the transformational power of His death.

And our rescue.

He pulled us from the pit and the penalty and the consequence of our sin, and enabled us to stand before Him as an equally yoked bride.

His words resounding through heaven’s courts, ‘What’s yours is Mine and what’s Mine is yours’.


And He rose.

Defeating death and yet still clothed in the humility of flesh, but risen flesh, bearing the eternal scars that still loudly declare His abundant love for us throughout the heavens and the earth.

The wound in His side.

The marks on His hands.


Ascending as a man.

Returning as a man.

His initiative. His design. His purpose.

Our King. Our Beloved.

I am undone. Again.

Anyway, check this out. It’s a good prayer for today. It’s a good prayer always.

I need to have You, all You are
Oh I swear I won’t last long unless my hands reach Your heart
Come be the comfort, I need You here
I’m feeling like a boy whose
Ma was never there
You will have my love Jesus
We will become one Jesus
Hallelujah come Lord Jesus
I’ve had gold and silver, it’s all the same
But I know if You’re not near my life has been in vain
There’s no wind without You, no breath to speak
Still this word maranatha, I’m spitting through my teeth
You will have my love Jesus
We will become one Jesus
Hallelujah, Hallelujah come Lord Jesus
The only way to God is through the Son through those eyes of fire, I vow to respond to His love
Jesus You’re so precious to my heart we were made to be
Together all our days we will be one
Maranatha come Lord Jesus

Oh, and here are a few photos of a late night tea party we had at the weekend 🙂




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