The things that people say when you wear a dress.

Today we went to a super posh restaurant for lunch.

Kayoko chose the place.

She organised the whole deal.

As always.

Because she’s an absolute legend.

So anyway, Kayoko, Ayumi, Chris and I went to this amazingly lovely French restaurant. It was, in part a bit of a leaving meal for Chris (well, for 3 weeks), and in part a bit a bit of a celebration that I finally finished my Masters.

It was in all, a brilliant time.

Great food. Great company. Great laughs.

And because it was a pretty posh restaurant, I didn’t wear my normal winter combination of jeans, leg warmers, a plaid shirt and my sorel boots.

I wore a dress.

And some boots with an actual heel.

And some make up.

Like you do.

Or actually, as I later discovered, as I seemingly do NOT do on a very regular basis.

Because people’s reactions to my slightly more lady like appearance were pretty funny.

Here are my top three quotes.

1) Why? Why do you look different? I mean why do you look like that?!

2) You look pretty. Kind of like a Christmas elf.

3) You look…. Delicious? (No. Wrong word. Very wrong. But my friend doesn’t speak good English…)

Thank you Sapporo.

Your ‘compliments’ are a wonderful thing.

Anyway, it got me thinking about the way that people notice physical changes real, real easy.

Like if I dye my hair. People notice. If I wear some lipstick. People notice. If I wear a dress. People comment on it. Physical changes get picked up on about 2 seconds after they happen.

And then it got me thinking about how our internal changes are the exact opposite.

Like if I’m thinking negative thoughts, it might be a good few months before they start to creep into my gaze. Or if I’m judging others I might be able to cover it up for a little while. Or if I’m not loving Jesus in the way I used to, people may actually never, ever know.

And in the opposite sense. If I’m thinking positive thoughts, it might take a while for in to change my countenance. Or if I’m loving others inside, it might take a little while to overflow into my actions. Or if I’m loving Jesus more than ever before each day, it might get tested a few million times a day in countless ways.

But the thing is, internal changes, heart stuff, the battle that goes on within us… This is the important thing. Fixing our inner gaze on Jesus is actually the One thing.

And I think, that like a sponge, when we are squeezed in the time of pressure, what is in us, is what will flow out of us. It is what will be visible in a lasting way. It is what will be seen and felt and remembered by others.

I’m really challenged right now by this inner life. By the thought of what Jesus sees when He look at me. By the idea of beauty weighed by the sight of our hearts rather than the sight of our faces.

I wish I could really grasp this a whole lot more.

I want to, as the Message puts it, learn to love God with all my passion and prayer and muscle and intelligence.

And with that, enjoy some pictures from our posh lunch… 🙂

I’m so full of love for these ones!




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