Painting walls = Having guns (as in the bicep kind!)

Forget press-ups.


Literally. Take them. And forget them.


I have discovered a way better workout.


Way. Way. Better.


Because this week…. I have been painting walls.

Want to have super hot, gun-toned arms?


Well, man, oh man, is having your arms in the air waving paints and chalkboard pens around the kind of activity that truly builds muscles in an effective way.

Like, get painting in time for summer.

I mean, I totally didn't think this through when I agreed to paint two chalkboard walls in one week.


I definitely didn't think it through when I agreed to paint to chalkboard walls in two days.


But now that I have just completed the second, I can honestly reflect that painting a wall and a ceiling on Sunday, a chalkboard wall on Thursday, and another chalkboard wall today… Is really good for my guns.


As in, the toning of my arm muscles.

And just a tad painful.

As in, the lifting of those arm muscles above my head to do normal daily activities like getting a plate down from the top shelf. Is now just a tad painful.


Ok, ok. Forget the bicep building for a moment, I know you're all dying to see pictures of what I painted.


So Thursday was my friend's bar.


Which now looks like this:


Super. Super. Massive.

But a super, super cool place.

And today was my school (which is launching a cafe in our lounge area next week).

Which now looks like this:


Again, a super, super cool space to work and hang out.

I really, really love my job!

And hopefully, hopefully, hopefully…. My friends are happy with their respective walls. (If not, the joy of chalk paint is that we can just wash and paint over them and start again!)

So at the end of what has been a very creative week… My reflections are not so profound and more simplistically beautiful.

When we do what is good for us, it makes us stronger than we realise.

I love painting. I love art. I find it a great way to connect with people, to connect with community, to connect with myself, and most importantly, to connect with God.

I love designing things.

I love the head space and spiritually space that is created when it's just a blank canvas and some creative equipment in front of me.

I think I was created and wired that way by God.

To use that part of me to serve Him and to serve others.

But when I do that, when I make those choices, when I pour out in those ways, when I serve in what He has asked me to do, it makes me stronger than I realise.

Painting walls gives you great guns.

But more than that. Choosing to serve God and love God and honour God in all the small things leads to the big thing of building a strength within us that is greater than we know. Serving others and choosing to serve them even when it's hard and we're busy and we can think of 100 other selfish things to do instead are those small things that lead to the big thing of cultivating a strength within us that is greater than we know.

Because it's growing obedience.

And it's growing faithfulness.

And it's being fruitful.

Not just in art, but in any ways of seeking and serving and loving that God has placed within you and around you.

And as we dwell in a place of growing faithfulness, and as we dwell in a place of growing fruitfulness, we dwell in a place where we become stronger than we realise. Because we grow in a place of fellowship with he Holy Spirit. And as His strength becomes ours, we become stronger than we realise.

So this weekend, and this week, and this season… Let's invest in the small things that build our strength. Let's build our spiritual muscles. Let's serve. Let's give. Let's love.

And let's get some great spiritual guns in time for summer 😉


Have a great weekend people!! Love you all!



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