Beautiful, stunning and cosmos-shaking Truth.

So yesterday was Easter.

Man, I have loved, and truly loved this Easter with everything my whole heart and being has to offer.

This weekend, Holy Spirit has just hit me afresh through so many moments, and songs and conversations.

With that stunning truth that Jesus is risen.

He’s just so alive.

And that truth is more beautiful and stunning and cosmos-shaking that anything and everything this world could ever offer.

That’s what’s been hitting me again. Over and over again.

That when I was lost in my nothingness and my sinfulness He died for me, did everything to be close to me, took my griefs and my sorrows and paid for my wrongdoing with His own precious blood. He conquered death. He came back to life. And because of that I have a hope and a future that starts now and never-ever ends.

He secured my love by laying down His life and there is none more beautiful, none more worthy and none more radiant than Him.

He is the Mighty Redeemer.

He is the King of heaven.

This is Jesus in His glory.

Clothed in majesty and splendour as the victorious warrior who won us back to Himself.

This is Jesus in His glory.

This risen-because-death-couldn’t-hold-Him Jesus.

This bursting-forth-in-glorious-day-new-life Jesus.

This the-tomb-is-empty-because-He-is-alive Jesus.

This is Jesus in His glory.

I love Him. With all I am and all I could ever be.

That’s what’s been hitting me over and over again.

Because it just changes everything. It changes where my security comes from. It changes where my identity flows from. It changes me from the inside out. It changes where my hope lies. It changes where my future is.

He changes everything.

And so yesterday evening… Post a crazy-busy-day of celebrating Jesus in His glory with my beautiful church family… I painted a couple of pictures that tried to sum up something of the Light that Jesus has brought to my life. The freedom that He has brought. The reality that even my darkness wasn’t dark to Him who is the Light of all Life and the Restorer of broken dreams.

So this was my evening’s work…



And I truly hope you can see something of my heart in them.

They’re actually going to the old person’s care home that I visited last week on a more permanent basis, so hopefully they’ll shine a little Light there too. 🙂

And so post those artistic-Jesus-is-risen reflections, I also have some other news to tell you all…

And that news is something that I’d value your prayers over!

My job at work is changing. It actually has changed. From the 1st April.

Because since I finished my Masters in March, I actually had a bit of free time… And after a bunch load of discussions at my work (which isn’t just a school, but a bigger company), we decided that it was a good time to start some new stuff!

And so I’m still teaching some, but I’m also doing some marketing… And this year… We’re going for it and also starting up an NPO!

Which is super-awesomely-exciting!

I mean, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love the potential of this stuff and want to see where it ends up!

But… We have the launch party in about one month and there’s a lot to do.

And I mean… A lot!

So I will write a shed more about this project and what it’s going to look like as we start launching the website and the vision in more detail.

But for now I want to ask for your prayers.

For this first stage.

That our team would form well. That we would love each other well. That we would become like family. And that we would be able to see some awesome changes in our city. That this stage would be protected and that foundations would be firm and deep and unshakable. For that.

I love you guys and the support and the encouragement you give me!

Oh, and here are a couple of photos from yesterday 🙂 It included baptisms at our church, a road trip out to take parts of the service at our church plant in Kurisawa (about an hour away!), a lot of laughs with friends, and a brilliant conversation with my pastor in which he told me I could stay in Japan until I die… Haha!




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