Enough flour to make bread for the whole neighbourhood.

On Sunday afternoon I made naan bread for the first time.


Actually, I didn't do so much of the making, although I did watch whilst it was being made and do the washing up (which is like a super, vitally important job, right?)

Ok. So on Sunday afternoon I *cough* helped to make naan bread for the first time and then ate massive amounts of basil and cheese naan for the remainder of the evening. It was actually the first time I'd eaten home-made naan. As opposed to the made-in-an-Indian-restaurant version.

It was awesome. Delicious. Perfect for cold, wintery afternoon meals.

However, there was almost a naan-making crisis half way through the naan-making procedings. Because of a rather fundamental flour shortage.

We thought we had enough flour. Because we had a massive bag, which seemed like it should feed the naan-hungry masses. But it was just a little bit short. Maybe like a cup of flour too short for the perfect naan-dough-consistency.

And when you are in the middle of kneeding dough, the options are a little limited. There's not really the time to wash up, run to the local shop and buy new supplies.

So I did what every person living next door to their super-prepared-and-wonderful-Japanese-70-year-old-fake-Mum would do. I popped next door to borrow some flour.

Only the thing with Kayoko is… You can't just leave with a cup of flour. Because she's all about giving in abundance. She's all about total provision for every eventuality.

I actually just asked if I could have a cup of flour. And she led me out into her pantry area, to a separate cupboard, which was full to the brim with flour, yeast, baking powder and sugar in the quantities of a small supermarket.

When I left her house 10 minutes later I was holding two large new bags of flour. One strong flour. One weaker flour. And one casserole dish filled with chicken stew. Because she'd just happened to have finished making enough chicken stew for about 10 people, despite the fact that only 2 people live in her house.

So the naan bread could be completed. And it was delicious. And it could be eaten wish chicken stew. Which was also delicious.

And I was left thinking about how God treats me a little bit like Kayoko. In a spiritual sense.

That when I've been making, and pounding, and kneeding, and striving over my life. Being busy. Being creative. Just mixing and rolling and working. That in this time I sometimes find I've forgotten something important. I'm short of flour. I'm short of energy. I'm short of time. I don't feel like I can finish and I almost feel like everything I've done is wasted because I just can't make it work.

And then I go to Him. With my deficit. With my lack. With my not-enough-reality. And often I go to Him begging that He'll just give me a little bit of flour to help me finish my current job. Just enough grace and salvation for what ails me. Just enough for my little bit of vision. Just enough for the day and no more.

But when I go to Him, His reality is different to mine. His salvation work is for me, but it isn't just for me. His plan is bigger than that. He doesn't just give me a little cup of flour to finish the naan bread I want to eat myself today.

He gives me enough flour to make bread for the whole neighbourhood.

Enough salvation to pour out of me and into the world. Enough grace to be an ocean.

And He doesn't even limit it to my medium. I think I can cope with the simplicity of bread, but God has a plan that stretches to include the whole meal. This big plan of Salvation, with a capital S. And everytime He gets my vision just a little bit wider, Holy Spirit comes again with a fresh challenge and a fresh revelation that keeps enlarging my gaze. Because He doesn't just save us for ourselves. His Salvation plan involves us going out into the world, following the One who gave everything for this world.

Because sometimes I think I've got there, only to realise that I haven't even begun to get there.

And that's not disheartening. Now we see in part. One day we will see fully.

But right now, I've got a heck of a lot more bread to make. 🙂

And here are some great photos from the last week!






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